Griffin Law Firm Launches our new Injury Law Website

Griffin Law Firm Launches our new Injury Law Website

Welcome to the Griffin Law Firm’s new web site.  What’s new?  Everything.  Our goal was to provide a clean, easy to use, informative legal website.  We want to organize the information so that it works like a well designed app.  To accomplish this goal we provide buttons to help you navigate to the information you need regarding personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, and Social Security Disability claims.  We have summarized some of the most important buttons below:

Settlement Calculator:  We know that nothing is more helpful than finding out what your case is worth.  This is why we know have the following:

  1. Personal Injury Settlement Calculator;
  2. Workers’ Compensation Settlement Calculator; and
  3. Social Security Benefit Calculator.

Knowing the settlement range for your case gives you a goal.  Our experienced injury and disability attorneys will help you reach that goal.

Why hire us?:  Our new website also has a “Why hire us?” button to help properly evaluate our firm.  We know that deciding on which lawyer to hire is an important decision that will have a huge impact on the recovery you will receive.  Attorney Richard Griffin believes that there are three areas you should always review before you select your injury and disability attorney.  These include:

  1.  Client Testimonials;
  2. Firm Awards; and
  3. Settlements and Verdicts.

Practice Area Summary:  We have made it easier than ever for you to read more about your particular type of case.  Some law firm websites provide very little information about each type of claim to make sure you don’t try to handle the claim yourself.  Our approach is to provide you with as much information as possible about personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, and Social Security Disability so you will know that we are experts, and so you will know that you need help with these complicated claims.

Legal Appearances:  Attorney Richard Griffin has been featured as the injury expert on many television shows over the years.  He know is the co-host and legal expert of the lawyer talk show called Pain Law.  Links to episodes can be found on this site as well.

Police Report Request Form:  The Griffin Law Firm is here to help.  One of the first important steps in investigating and evaluating a personal injury case is to get the police report.  Our website now provides a Police Report Request Form that you can use to authorize us to retrieve your police report for you for free.  We offer this service to any potential client that has a valid personal injury claim that we wish to review.

Free Consultation:  We encourage you to call us at 877-529-7070 or 877-PAIN-LAW for your free personal injury, wrongful death, workers’ compensation, or Social Security Disability claim.  You can also submit your claim to us for a free case evaluation at:

[Free Case Evaluation]