Griffin Law Firm Gets You the Workers’ Comp Benefits You Need and the Settlement You Deserve

Attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin law Firm has a great track record of getting is workers’ compensation clients paid. If your hurt and can’t work, then you face many difficult challenges. If you do not have a workers’ compensation lawyer, then you are at the mercy of the adjuster which means you will continue to struggle. 

The Griffin Law Firm helps our workers’ compensation clients get for all of the following from the workers’ compensation insurance company:

  • Income Benefits:  Our workers’ comp lawyers get you paid your weekly income paid for your lost wages.
  • Medical Benefits:  Our workers’ compensation attorneys make sure that adjuster authorizes the medical treatment you need, as well as paying for the medical bills that result.
  • Permanent Partial Disability Benefits:  Our workers’ compensation attorneys request a permanent impairment rating evaluation and get you paid for any permanent loss of use your injuries cause you.
  • Workers’ Compensation Settlement:  The greatest benefit the Griffin Law Firm offers our clients is getting them a workers’ compensation settlement that fully compensates them for their workers’ compensation claim.

Free Case Evaluation:  Call Attorney Richard Griffin today at 877-PAIN- LAW (877-724-6529) or use the Griffin Law Firm’s Settlement Calculator below to find out what your case is worth:

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Free Settlement Calculator:  Click below to find out how much your workers’ compensation