How to get huge recoveries in Truck Accident Claims?

Truck accident claims often result in catastrophic injuries and even death.  This is the basis for huge truck accident personal injury settlements and jury verdicts.  However, great recoveries normally require the plaintiff to hire a great Atlanta truck accident attorney.  If you don’t hire the right attorney, then you will probably not receive the best possible recovery for your case.

Are all truck accident attorneys the same?  No.  Just like anything else, some attorneys are great and some are not.

How do you know which truck accident attorney to hire?  Attorney Richard Griffin recommends that you research about the attorney you are considering.  You should always read about his or her client testimonials, attorney awards, and settlement and verdict history before you select any attorney.

How much are truck accident cases worth?  Truck accident cases can result in a wide range of recoveries.  In one recent case (Deaner Andersen and Michael Bibbs vs. William Brewer and GEICO UIM, Case # 14-0118-5), a truck accident case with an aggravation of a pre-existing disc herniation.  The plaintiff had a surgery and other treatment that totaled $88,293 in past medical treatment.  The case settled for $282,695.  In another truck accident claim tried by Atlanta truck accident attorney Richard Griffin the plaintiff was hit head on in a truck accident.  The plaintiff required surgery for a broken leg that disabled him from work for one year.  Attorney Griffin obtained a jury verdict of 2,500,000 from a jury in Gainesville, Georgia.

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