What are Permanent Partial Disability Benefits in Georgia Worker’s Compensation Claims?

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits: Injured workers with valid Georgia worker’s compensation claims are entitled to compensation when the on the job injuries cause permanent loss of use of his or her bodies. Income benefits (temporary total disability benefits and temporary partial disability benefits) are for lost wages. Permanent partial disability benefits (PPD benefits) are paid when injured workers are evaluated and assigned a permanent partial disability ratings (PPD ratings).

Permanent Partial Disability Formula for Georgia Worker’s Compensation Claims: The amount that the injured worker receives is based on the following factors:

1. Temporary Total Disability (TTD) comp rate;

2. Permanent Partial Disability Rating;

3. The number of weeks the Worker’s Act assigns to the part of the body identified in the PPD rating.

Doctors use the American Medical Association (AMA) Guidelines for Disability and take into consideration a lot of factors such as:

1. Diagnosed injury or medical condition

2. Medical treatment or surgery that has been required

3. Range of Motion

4. Pain levels

5. Lifting, bending, standing, sitting restrictions and requirements

6. Strength and endurance

Many times there is a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) done to determine work limitations, but this is not the same evaluation as an impairment rating based on the AMA Guidelines for Disability. FCE often do involve work limitation evaluations and PPD ratings at the same appointment.

What are Independent Medical Examinations? Worker’s compensation attorney Richard Griffin assist his worker’s compensation clients in obtaining their own independent medical examination (IME) when the law allows them to have one. An independent medical examination is available only one time and must take place within 120 days of the last receipt of an income benefit check (temporary total disability and temporary partial disability). The IME is with a doctor of the claimant’s choice and can address:

1. Diagnosed injuries and conditions

2. Recommended treatment plans

3. Work restrictions

4. Recommended diagnostic testing

5. Recommended surgery, pain management, psychiatric treatment especially if these have not already been provided.

6. Determination of whether a surgery is medically necessary to likely to help the claimant improve their physically recovery.

What is the PPD benefit formula for calculating the PPD benefits in Georgia? The formula is normally calculated by multiplying the number of weeks times the PPD rating times the employee’s comp rate. If you would like to discuss your worker’s compensation claim further with worker’s compensation attorney Richard Griffin, then you should call him at 866-909-7181.

How can you get a PPD evaluation? The injured worker or his or her worker’s compensation attorney can request that a PPD evaluation be performed by the authorized treating physician. Sometimes the authorized treating physician will elect to refer the injured worker to another medical provider for a functional capacity evaluation (FCE) instead of performing the PPD evaluation at their office.

Why should you hire a worker’s compensation attorney as soon as possible after a PPD rating is assigned? Atlanta worker’s compensation lawyer Richard Griffin has seen this play out time and time again. The injured worker is assigned a PPD rating because he or she has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI). The next thing that happens is that the worker’s compensation doctor usually releases the injured worker from treatment and returns them back to work. At this point the injured worker often cannot work and still needs medical treatment, but the adjuster simply tells them your case is closed, and we will not be paying for any more treatment or income benefits (lost wages). By hiring a worker’s compensation law firm early, it gives your worker’s compensation lawyer an opportunity to negotiate a lump sum settlement that fully compensates you for your future medical expenses, income benefits, and permanent partial disability benefits when the settlement value is at its peak. Unless a worker’s compensation claim is catastrophic, timing is essential to make sure you receive the highest possible worker’s compensation settlement.

How can you find out for free what your worker’s compensation claim is worth? You can call the Griffin Law Firm and speak to attorney Richard Griffin personally about your worker’s compensation claim. He will be glad to explain your worker’s compensation rights and let you know what he thinks your case is likely to be worth.