Personal Injury Attorney John De Foor, II joins the Griffin Law Firm

John M De FoorNew Attorney Addition The Griffin Law Firm is excited to announce that attorney John De. Foor, II, has recently joined our Atlanta personal injury law firm.  Attorney De Foor will head up our personal injury and       wrongful death litigation department.  His vast legal experience has included being a criminal prosecutor, a plaintiff’s attorney, a municipal judge, and a defense attorney.  Attorney Richard Griffin knows that John is committed to providing the best possible customer service while delivering great results.  To accomplish this lofty goal, we must be dedicated to providing the following:

  • We always do what is in the best interest of our client.
  • We work hard and fight hard for our clients.
  • We are always honest and make sure there is good communication with our clients.
  • We are professional and always treat our clients with respect.
  • We fight for the best possible personal injury settlement or verdict for our clients.

Free Consultation:  If you or someone you know needs a lawyer for his or her personal injury claim, wrongful death claim, workers’ comp claim, or social security disability claim, then you should call us for your free consultation at 877-PAIN-LAW or 877-529-7070.