Do you have to litigate if you hire a personal injury attorney?

You do not have to litigate if you hire the personal injury lawyers at the Griffin Law Firm.  We work for you and will only litigate if you authorize litigation.  Further, when our experienced personal injury law firm is involved, then litigation is required in less than 5% of the cases we accept.  Attorney Richard Griffin knows that litigation is only a good option when the adjuster’s offers are unreasonable since litigation is expensive.  When we can negotiate a fair settlement offer, then you will usually net more if we settle without litigation.

It is also important to know that it is always your decision.  We will advise you whether we think litigation or settlement is the best option.  However, it is always your choice and if you wish to take the adjuster’s final offer rather than litigate, then this is exactly the way we will handle your case.

What should determine if you litigate or settle your personal injury claim?  This decision should be based on an educated decision not a blind guess.  Attorney Richard Griffin will always provide you with great information to consider when making this important decision such as jury verdict research whenever needed.  The best approach is to litigate if the offer is not reasonable.  However, if the adjuster’s offer is reasonable an in the likely settlement range of your case, then litigation is normally best since this is a known result rather than leaving the value of your case in the hands of the jury.  The Griffin Law Firm will always make sure your case is tried aggressively and professionally, but the results will depend on how fair your jury panel is when a jury trial is required.  To review some of our firm’s settlements and verdicts we recommend you use the following link:

Our promise to our personal injury clients is that we will always provide:

  1. a good channel of communication with you;
  2. legal advice that puts your best interest first;
  3. jury verdict research when needed to help you know the projected value of your personal injury claim;
  4. legal representation that honors your wishes and only does what you authorize.

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