Will you recover more if you hire a personal injury lawyer?

You will absolutely recover more if you are represented by a good personal injury attorney.  The personal injury claim process is complex.  The adjuster has the advantage in the settlement negotiations unless you are represented by an experienced personal injury attorney.  The adjuster knows the following:

  1. Without an attorney, you don’t know the value of your personal injury claim;
  2. Without an attorney, you don’t know how to litigate your claim; and
  3. Without an attorney, you are really at the mercy of the claims adjuster.

Is there a study that researched if hiring an attorney makes a difference?  Yes.  The Insurance Research Council performed a study to determine if personal injury claimants recovered more if they hired an attorney.  The study concluded the following:

  1. Personal injury claimants with an attorney recover about 3.5 times more than injured parties that try to represent themselves.
  2. Personal injury claimants who consult with a personal injury lawyer recovered about 40% more than those who didn’t seek a legal consultation.

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