Jackknife Truck Accidents Atlanta Georgia

What are jackknife truck accidents?  One of the most common truck accidents involves a tractor trailer that jackknifes.  Jackknife type accidents occur when the commercial truck or tractor trailer flips over or turns over.  Jackknife accidents can occur due to other driver error, truck driver error, loading issues, or other mechanical defects.

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What are the leading causes of a jackknife truck accident?  There are many factors that can cause a tractor trailer or other commercial truck to jackknife and turn over.  Our Atlanta truck accidents lawyers will investigate to determine  all of the negligent acts that caused the truck accident.  Some of the most common causes include:

  1. Excessive Loads:  Tractor trailers must limit their loads to weights that are safe.  If these loads are too heavy, then there is a very high risk that the tractor and trailer will jackknife and turn over or loose control.
  2. Improper Loading:  It is extremely important that the trailers are loaded properly.  Proper loading requires that the weight of the load be balanced.
  3. sudden braking
  4. 4.   Improperly adjusted brakes:  Since there are many different sets of brakes that must operate simultaneously to properly stop the commercial truck, it is critical that the brakes be maintained and adjusted frequently.  Truck drivers how can’t stop their big rigs are often unable to prevent truck collisions with other vehicles.  This can also lead to rollover accidents when trucks lose control and leave the roadway.

Can truck drivers have a workers’ compensation claim from truck accidents?  Yes.  Truck drivers who are injured in truck accidents often have a valid Georgia workers’ compensation even if they are at fault for the truck accident. In Georgia, valid workers’ compensation claims require that the injured worker be injured by accident while performing their job duties for their employers.  This means that if the truck driver was an employee of the trucking company and was performing their truck driving duties when the accident occurred, then they have a valid workers’ compensation claim.

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