Struggling with an Unreasonable Workers’ Compensation Adjuster?

Fair vs. Unfair: Workers’ comp adjusters often refuse to authorize medical treatment or to pay your income benefits checks even when they should. Why?  Because this saves the insurance company they work for money. Unfortunately, unless your represented by a workers’ compensation lawyer, they often get away with it. The Griffin Law Firm fights to turn unfair into fair by getting our clients the medical treatment and income benefits they are entitled to receive. 

Griffin Law Firm Settlements: The Griffin Law Firm also has a track record of securing workers’ compensation settlements that fully compensate their clients for their workers’ compensation claim. Call us today at 1-800-624-4878 to find out how we can help you get the workers’ compensaiton settlement you need and deserve.

Griffin Law Firm Client Testimonial:  Our workers’ compensation law firm works fast to resolve injured workers’ problems. In the video below, we got this claimant’s weekly income benefits started and his medical treatment and testing authorized without 72 hours. Then we negotiated a workers’ compensation settlement that let him get his life back.


What makes a workers’ compensation claim worth more? Workers’ compensation settlements are higher when the injuries are permanent and prevent the injured workers from working. Attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm fight to get our workers’ compensation clients the weekly income benefit checks they need. The largest workers’ compensation settlements always have severe injuries that will require extensive medical treatment such as physical therapy, diagnostic testing, pain management procedures, and surgery. If the work-related injuries are permanent, then a settlement can include permanent partial disability benefits in addition to the medical exposures and income benefit exposures.

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