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Personal injury claimants are entitled to punitive damages when the defendant is guilty of conduct that demonstrates a reckless disregard for human life. The most common examples were negligent drivers who where driving while intoxicated (DUI), guilty of hit and …

When are Punitive Damages allowed in Car Accident Claims? Read More »

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There are on-the-job accidents that occur in Georgia almost every day. Attorney Richard Griffin of the Griffin Law Firm often explains the requirements of any compensable worker’s compensation claim in Georgia to potential clients. The requirements for having a valid …

When do You have a valid Worker’s Compensation Claim in Georgia? Read More »

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What is a Posted Panel Of Physicians? The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act requires that a Posted Panel Of Physicians. This is a list of at least 6 doctors or the name of the certified WC/MCO posted. This list is the …

Worker’s Compensation – What are your rights to medical treatment and income benefits? Read More »

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Wrongful death claims can arise from an auto accident if the auto accident directly causes someone to die or pass away. In a recent case, Erica McKeel, Army Capt. Daniel McKeel, et al v. Cuong Nguyen and Limelight Bar & …

Wrongful Death Claim for Baby Born Prematurely Due to an Auto Accident Read More »

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Welcome to the Griffin Law Firm’s new web site.  What’s new?  Everything.  Our goal was to provide a clean, easy to use, informative legal website.  We want to organize the information so that it works like a well designed app. …

Griffin Law Firm Launches our new Injury Law Website Read More »

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