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The Griffin Law Firm will help you with all aspects of your medical treatment.  There are unique challenges in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims.  Our vast experience in both practice areas means that can guide you through either type of injury claim.

In personal injury cases, you can select the doctor of your choice.  We can help make sure you select the doctor that is best suited for your injuries.  If you don’t have health insurance, then we can even get you treatment on a doctor lien or through medical funding companies.

In workers’ compensation, you can select your doctor from the employer’s Posted Panel of Physicians.  We can help you make the wise choice.  We also will fight to make sure the adjuster timely authorizes and pays for your treatment.

Below we have provided client testimonials that discuss how our firm helps our clients with all aspects of their medical treatment.


“The medical doctors your law firm referred me to where fantastic. I recommend this firm because of their respect for their clients.”

  • Rating – Above average (4 out of 5 stars).
  • T. Jones – Personal Injury Client – Social Circle, Georgia


“There was great communication throughout the whole process. They helped me find good doctors and followed through with my satisfaction.”

  • Rating – Excellent (5 out of 5 stars).
  • T. Hayhurst – Personal Injury Client – Stone Mountain, Georgia


“Everyone was courteous and helpful and explained everything very well. I got the medical attention I needed and a good settlement.”

  • Rating – Excellent (5 out of 5 stars).
  • C. Arthur – Worker’s Compensation Client – Rutledge, Georgia


“Mr. Griffin was able to work with the doctors to lower my medical bills. This made my settlement go a lot further.”

  • K. Cooper – Personal Injury Client – Smyrna, Georgia


“Amy and Maria were very helpful. It went by very quickly. The firm even helped me with all of the details of the surgery.”

  • M. Perez – Personal Injury – Atlanta, Georgia


“I feel that the law firm took care of my every need. They helped me get the medical care I needed. I would recommend them to everyone and I will. I did get paid for my injuries.”

  • D. Loyd – Personal Injury – Gainesville, Georgia



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