Good People. Great Results.

The Griffin Law Firm’s slogan is “Good People. Great Results.” This slogan means that our Atlanta law firm provides the best possible customer service to our personal injury, workers’ comp, and social security disability clients while delivering great settlements and recoveries. Attorney Richard Griffin knows that it’s great to have a good slogan, but potential clients need to know if the Griffin Law Firm is living up to that great slogan. in a word, yes, we are living up to that slogan.

How do you know that we are living up to our slogan, “Great People. Great Results”? There are three ways to know for sure. The following links will allow you to find out:

We do what is best for you. Here are some ways that we put our clients first:

  • Client Authorizations: Our injury and disability lawyers will always get your recorded permission before we send a settlement package, convey a counter offer, file a lawsuit, or take any other important action on your behalf. This makes sure that we only do what you want us to do on you case.
  • Case Strategies: Sometimes decisions must be reached what medical treatment or testing you have, what damages to include or exclude from your settlement package, what witnesses are called at trial, and other important decisions. When we are discussing the options we will advise you, but we will make sure that we let you make the final decisions. Sometimes it is a close call and a hard decision when deciding if you should settle for the adjuster’s final offer or litigate. We will give you a recommendation, but it’s ultimately your decision.
  • Doctor Liens and Medical Funding Companies: The attorneys at 877-PAIN-LAW will always help you get the medical treatment and medical diagnostic testing you need even when you don’t have health insurance. This can usually be done through doctor liens or medical funding companies that allow you to receive the needed medical treatment or testing without paying for it until your case is resolved. Sometimes medical cost projections are required for needed future treatment if the insurance policy limits are small in comparison to the total medical expenses already incurred.
  • Settlement Funding Loans: Loans are available through settlement funding companies when you are facing financial problems due to your personal injuries. The terms of these loans differ from company to company, but we will help you find a loan if you need one.
  • Medical Bill Reductions: After your case is resolved, we will even go to bat for you to get medical bills reduced. This helps you net more money from you settlement.
  • Attorney Fee Reductions: Many attorneys refuse to ever reduce their attorney fee. Attorney Richard Griffin knows that you are the one who were injured and who had to deal with the pain and inconvenience of being injured. This is why we will reduce our attorney fee in many instances when the case is settling without litigation if our client’s net recovery is less than our attorney fee. We do this to make the best of the situation and to make sure our clients never get the short end of the stick.

Free Consultation: Call us today at 877-PAIN-LAW (877-724-6529) for your free consultation. Everyone who is injured needs the help of an honest, hard working, attorney who will provide the best possible customer service while delivering great results. We are “Good People” who will deliver “Great Results”.

Free Case Evaluation: The Griffin Law Firm will also provide a free case evaluation or will answer your personal injury, workers’ comp, wrongful death, or social security questions if you use the following link:

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