Workers’ Compensation

If you’ve been hurt at work, then the Griffin Law Firm can help you get the medical treatment, income benefits, permanent partial disability benefits, and settlement that you need and deserve.

The most common question any injured worker has is how much is my workers’ compensation claim worth? We are glad to provide a free settlement evaluation if you call us at 877-724-6529 or submit our Workers’ Comp Settlement Calculator form below:

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Injured at work and don’t know what to do next?  Often injured workers are confused and just don’t know what to do when they are hurt at work and unable to work.  It’s important that you call us for a free consultation rather before you do something or say something that may hurt your workers’ compensation case.

Attorney Richard Griffin and the Griffin Law Firm will gladly answer all of your questions about your workers’ compensation claim is you call us at 877-524-7070 (877-PAIN-LAW).

Common decisions injured workers face:  When you are injured on the job you are faced with many difficult decisions such as:

  1. What do you tell your employer about your injuries?
  2. Can you go to your own doctor?
  3. Will the adjuster pay for your medical treatment?
  4. Will the adjuster pay for your lost wages?

It is critical that you know the correct way to handle your workers’ compensation claim.  If you make a mistake, then you may damage or even lose your workers’ compensation claim.

Why is it so important to hire our workers’ compensation attorneys?  Because the adjuster is not on your side.  The workers’ compensation adjuster does not want you to hire a workers’ compensation attorney.  Unrepresented injured workers don’t know their rights and are really at the mercy of the adjuster.  Adjusters will often begin to dictate to the unrepresented injured worker how the medical treatment and income benefits will be handled.  Many common struggles injured workers face include:

  1. Difficulty being able to select the doctor you want;
  2. Medical bills that the adjuster refuses to pay;
  3. Lost wages that the adjuster refuses to pay; and
  4. Settlement offers that are too low.

We can help.  The Griffin Law Firm can guide you through the difficult workers’ compensation claims process and fight to protect all of your rights.  Many times workers’ compensation claimants feel like they are at the mercy of the adjuster.  Hiring workers’ compensation lawyer Richard Griffin will change everything.  The adjuster’s “no” can be turned to a “yes”.  Don’t give up.  We can help with many of your biggest workers’ compensation problems such as:

  1. Medical Treatment: We can help you get the medical treatment you need and will make sure the adjuster pays for all of your authorized medical bills.
  2. Income Benefits:  We will fight to make sure the adjusters pays your income benefits for your lost wages.
  3. Permanent Partial Disability Benefits:  We will make sure you are paid for your permanent partial disability rating for your permanent loss of use of your body.
  4. Settlement Offers:  We will fight hard to make sure you receive a fair settlement that fully compensates you for your workers’ compensation claim.

How do you know we are the right attorneys for you?  Selecting your attorney is critical. How do you know the Griffin Law Firm are the right attorneys for your workers’ compensation claim? We recommend that you review our client reviews, firm awards, and firm settlements to verify for yourself that we deliver great customary service, as well as, great results.

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