FAQ: Workers’ Compensation

The Griffin Law Firm knows what issues and challenges that most often concern injured workers.  Some of these questions are provided below:

  1. How should you notify your employer of the on the job accident?
  2. What is required for a valid Georgia workers’ compensation claim?
  3. What are Medical Benefits, Income Benefits, and Permanent Partial Disability Benefits?
  4. Which doctors can you treat with?
  5. Does the adjuster have to pay for all of your medical expenses and mileage?
  6. How can you be paid for your lost wages?
  7. Can you be paid for your permanent impairment rating?
  8. What are the deadlines for workers’ compensation claims?
  9. How can you get a lump sum settlement?
  10. How can our attorneys help?
  11. What is an independent medical examination (IME)?

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