Income Benefits in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims

What are income benefits?  Income benefits are the workers’ compensation benefits that compensate a workers’ compensation claimant for his or her lost wages.  There are two different types of income benefits:

  1. Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD):  These are the income benefits paid when the injured worker is unable to work.  Normally there must be a disability certificate or doctor’s work excuse that states the claimant can’t work.  The maximum TTD comp rate for injuries after July 1, 2013 is $525.  Unless the injured worker has a catastrophic injury, the claimant is only eligible to receive TTD benefits for a maximum of 400 weeks.  If you would like to know your comp rate for your workers’ compensation claim, then please use the below comp rate calculator:


  1. Temporary Partial Disability Income Benefits (TPD):  Temporary partial disability benefits are paid when an injured worker is on work restrictions and has returned to work, but he or she isn’t making what they use to make.  The TPD comp rate is calculated by subtracting each weeks light duty earnings from the average weekly wage earned before the accident.  Then you multiply this amount by 2/3.  The Griffin Law Firm will gladly calculate the correct TPD comp rate for you if you use the below link:


Not receiving your workers’ comp check?  Don’t let the adjuster short change you on these needed income benefits. Call the Griffin Law Firm today at 877-524-7070 (877-PAIN-LAW) so we can:

  • Make sure you are receiving the correct weekly income benefit check;
  • Make sure you are paid penalties for late income benefit checks;
  • Make sure the adjuster begins your weekly income benefit checks timely;
  • Make sure the adjuster doesn’t stop your income benefits before they are allowed to suspend them; and
  • Let you know the likely settlement range for your workers’ compensation claim.

Why do you need the Griffin Law Firm?  The workers’ compensation laws are complex and often change every year.  You need the protection of our seasoned workers’ compensation lawyers to protect your rights and to make sure all of your weekly income benefits for your lost wages are paid.  Adjuster’s will often delay and deny paying your weekly income benefits.

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