How can you get a lump sum settlement?

Lump sum workers’ compensation settlements rarely happen without legal representation.  This is because settlements are only be agreement of both sides.  Adjusters often are content refusing to settle, refusing to pay some medical bills, and suspending income benefits if you do not have the protection of a good workers’ compensation attorney.  Call the Griffin Law Firm today at 877-524-7070 (877-PAIN-LAW).

How can the Griffin Law Firm get you a great workers’ compensation  settlement?  We fight hard for you.  Rather than letting your case drift slowly along while you slowly lose everything you own, we aggressively fight for you.  This means that if the adjuster doesn’t agree to pay all of your workers’ compensation benefits, then we request a hearing and litigate to enforce your rights.  Some workers’ compensation attorneys allow medical bills to go unpaid, mileage reimbursements to go unpaid, recommended medical treatment to go unauthorized, and hope a great settlement will drop into their laps.  We approach it differently.

Attorney Richard Griffin firmly believes that allowing the adjuster to delay and deny means that the adjuster will not have any motivation to settle. The value of your workers’ compensation claim increases as the adjuster is forced to pay more money for your medical treatment, income benefits, and permanent partial disability benefits.

What factors increase the value of our workers’ compensation claim?

  • Severe injuries that disable you from being able to work greatly increase the value of your case. (Call us today to find out what the likely settlement range is for your specific injuries.)
  • The lower the educational level of the claimant the higher the value since this means that there are far fewer jobs that they can perform when injured.
  • The more the claimant’s job history involves heavy labor rather than office work, the greater the value of the workers’ compensation claim.
  • The injures result in a high permanent partial disability rating. (Call us to find out how much your permanent partial disability benefits are likely to be.)
  • The injured worker has a high temporary total disability comp rate. (Call us to find out what the correct comp rate is for your income benefits.)
  • Do you qualify for a catastrophic designation. (Call us today to find out if your case will likely qualify as “catastrophic”.)

How is the settlement value of a workers’ compensation claim calculated? There are a lot of factor that go into calculating the settlement value of a workers’ compensation claim.  However, as a general rule the value is based on the total exposure the workers’ compensation insurance company faces in future income benefits, medical expenses, and permanent partial disability benefits.  To calculate these exposures it is critical to apply the Georgia workers’ compensation laws to the facts of your case.  Attorney Richard Griffin recommends that you use our below settlement calculator to find out the likely settlement range of your case:


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