What Benefits are provided in Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims?

There are three main benefits provided to Georgia workers’ compensation claimants.  These three benefits include:

  1. Income Benefits:  Income benefits compensate you for your lost wages when you have a valid worker’s compensation claim.  Our worker’s compensation lawyers will aggressively fight for your lost wages that are covered through temporary total disability benefits or temporary partial disability benefits.
  2. Medical Benefits:  Worker’s compensation claims Adjusters often delay authorization for medical treatment and sometimes deny paying for medical treatment that should be covered under the worker’s claim.  Our worker’s compensation attorneys make sure your medical treatment is being timely authorized and paid.
  3. Permanent Partial Disability Benefits:  Permanent partial disability benefits or PPD benefits are the benefits that compensate you for the permanent loss of use of part of your body.  Our worker’s compensation attorneys will obtain permanent partial disability ratings from the worker’s compensation doctors and will make sure you are paid these benefits timely and in the correct amounts.

How can the Griffin Law Firm get you the great settlement you deserve?  Our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers get our clients great workers’ compensation settlements by working and fighting hard.  The adjusters and their defense attorneys want to the workers’ compensation settlements to be low.  They are only motivated to offer large settlements when settlement negotiations are timely and when the claimant is costing them a lot of money in weekly income benefits and medical expenses.  Since our attorneys fight every issue rather than letting issues slide, we are able to negotiate great settlements for our clients.

The most important issue for any worker’s compensation claimant is getting the worker’s compensation settlement that will fully compensate you for your worker’s compensation claim and that will allow you to transition into another line of work when necessary and when possible.

When is the best time to settle a workers’ compensation claim?  Attorney Richard Griffin prefers to settle cases when the income benefits are still being paid and when the medical treatment is still extensive.  If you wait until the income benefits are stopped or until the doctor releases the injured worker back to work, then the settlement value begins to drop very quickly.

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