Why do you need a workers’ compensation attorney?

Workers’ Compensation Attorney can really help.  Injured workers’ without legal representation often feel frustrated and helpless.  Adjusters often try to control all aspects of your workers’ compensation claim.  Many of the areas of conflict injured workers often have with the adjuster include:

  • which doctor you can treat with;
  • what medical treatment will be authorized;
  • what medical bills will be paid and when;
  • what income benefits will be paid;
  • how much your weekly comp rate will be for your income benefits;
  • whether you will be reimbursed for your mileage expenses;
  • whether you will be paid for your permanent partial disability benefits; and
  • will you receive a fair settlement.

Our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers can help in you with the following ways:

  • Evaluate the Posted Panel of Physicians to determine if it is valid.  Invalid Posted Panels allows the injured worker to select the doctor of their choice to be the authorized treating physician.
  • Help you select the best doctor from the valid Posted Panel of Physicians for your authorized treating physicians.
  • Help you exercise your right to one free change of physician to a second doctor from the Posted Panel of Physicians.
  • Make sure the adjuster authorizes the medical treatment, medical testing, pain management, and even surgery that the doctors recommend.
  • Make sure all of your authorized medical treatment is paid for by the adjuster.
  • Make sure you are reimbursed for all of your mileage that results from your workers’ compensation treatment or prescriptions.
  • We will fight to make sure your lost wages are paid through the correct weekly income benefit payments.
  • We will make sure your are paid for your permanent partial disability benefits.
  • We will fight for a catastrophic designation if your injures are permanent, severe, and totally disabling.
  • We will negotiate the best possible lump sum settlement of your workers’ compensation claim.

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